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Factors influencing the carton's compressive strength


Factors influencing the carton's compressive strength

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The compressive strength of the carton is the most important quality index required by the packaging of many commodities. When testing, the corrugated carton is placed between two pressure plates, and the pressure when the carton crumbles is pressurized, that is, the compressive strength of the carton, which is denoted by KN.
1) quality of raw materials
Raw paper is the decisive factor to determine the compression strength of carton, which can be seen from kellicutt formula. However, the impact of other conditions in the production process of corrugated board is not allowed to be ignored, such as the amount of binder, leng high variation of immersion, coating, composite processing and so on.
2) water
The cardboard is made of corrugated cardboard with excessive water content, or stored in a humid environment for a long time, which will reduce its pressure strength. Fiber is a strong absorbent, in the plum rain season and greater humidity in the air, board moisture and atmospheric humidity balance is very important.
3) the box
Box type refers to the size ratio of the box type and the same type of box, which has a significant impact on the compressive strength. Some cartons are made of double-layer corrugated board, and the compressive strength is significantly higher than that of single-layer boxes of the same specification. Under the same conditions, the higher the box, the worse the stability and the lower the compressive strength.
4) printing and opening
Printing will reduce the compressive strength of the carton. The goods with air permeable requirements on the package will have holes on the surface of the box or punch and cut the handle holes on the side of the box, which will reduce the strength of the box. In particular, the opening area of the box is large, which is inclined to one side, and the impact is more obvious.
5) machining process deviation
In the process of box production, improper pressure line, too deep slot, the combination of unsound, and so on, will also reduce the box pressure strength.
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