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Qdx-100 automatic paper machine

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Qdx-100 automatic paper machine

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Product description

Introduction of X-100 economical automatic paper machine

The carton industry has entered the era of thin profit, and the proportion of raw paper materials in the cost of cartons is the largest, so saving raw paper is closely related to the benefit of carton manufacturing enterprises. As the tile line can obviously bring the effect of saving the paper machine is more and more accepted by carton manufacturing enterprises.

At present, the average speed of domestic tile line is 60-120m/min. However, the speed of automatic paper receiving machine in the market generally reaches 150-250m/min, and the price is very expensive. This kind of machine is obviously not economical to install on the middle and lower tile line.

In view of this situation, our company has developed an economical automatic paper feeder with a paper receiving speed of 0-100 m/min, the normal production speed can reach 0-200 m/min and the performance is stable and the price is low, which can fully meet the production demand of middle and low grade tile line.

The performance and parameters of X-100 economical automatic paper machine are introduced in detail.

1. Immediate return on investment

* refer to page 3 and 4 for detailed effect analysis.

* reduce the paper consumption caused by manual paper connection.

* reduce scrap rate generated by manual paper pickup.

* prevent the cardboard from drying on the double-sided machine after stopping the machine to avoid manual surface paper.

* reduce the problem of breaking paper and waste paper in single-sided machine when replacing the paper manually.

* reduce the abnormal phenomenon caused by the bad cardboard on the cadres (slitting, crosscut, stacking) after manually changing paper.

* significantly improve the working intensity of operators to truly achieve single-player operation.

2. Differences with existing paper receiving machines in the market

* remarkable effect and low price. Compared with the price of 160,000 to 300,000 pieces of paper machine sold in the market, it has an incomparable price advantage.

* paper wear is convenient. No matter which product takes 2-4 minutes to wear the original paper once, the paper machine of our company is greatly simplified and convenient.

* simple structure, firm and easy to operate.

* patents have been obtained.

3. Low operating costs

* the cutter, pressure plate, etc. are semi-permanent parts without maintenance.

* most of them are pneumatic control, with low power consumption.

Number of machinery and

** the main parameter is **

1). Product type: x-100

2). Paper speed: 0-100m/min (subject to the quality of the original paper)

3). Operating speed: 0-200m/min

4) applicable paper weight: 90-320g/m2

5). The largest web diameter: 1500 mm Φ

6). Machine width: 1600mm-2200mm

7). Width of double-sided tape: 30mm-40mm

8). Paper feeding success rate: over 99%

9). Tension control: manual or automatic (automatic as optional)

10). Machine weight: about 2000kg

11). Machine paint color: standard or customer specified color

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