The future development trend of paper cutting packaging machine

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At present, the control methods of foreign paper cutters basically adopt computer program control, while domestic paper cutter products are mainly digital display. At the same time.

At present, the control methods of foreign paper cutters basically adopt computer program control, while domestic paper cutter products are mainly digital display. At the same time, mechanical paper cutters of various specifications lack reliable safety protection equipment. Computer-controlled paper cutters are the development The trend is to replace other control methods at a relatively fast speed. Some large domestic factories have been equipped with microcomputer control. Therefore, domestic paper cutters must be independently innovated if they are to be widely used and fully implemented to replace imports and enter the international market. The direction of efforts is as follows:

1. R&D and adopt more advanced control system;

2. Complete all-round safety protection system;

3. Improve mechanical durability and reliability, and have the ability to provide complete sets of equipment;

4. Provide quick and convenient procedures for operation and use;

5. It has a new shape to improve the all-round appearance quality;

6. Improve the cutting accuracy of the paper cutter. It is suitable for various cutting requirements and specifications of all walks of life. In particular, the accuracy and stability need to be improved urgently.

The overall level of paper cutters at home and abroad is improving, and the degree of automation is getting higher and higher.

From the perspective of technological development trends, the "digital" revolution in the printing industry does not change the fundamental structure and basic principles of the paper cutter, but points out the development direction of the paper cutter: integrating light, machine, electricity, gas, and liquid. The program-controlled paper cutter will become the mainstream in the future, and its core technology-multi-function and automatic control technology-will be further developed. The purpose is to make the production preparation time shorter, the cutting precision higher, and the labor intensity lower. , And the operation is safer. The rapid increase in labor costs has accelerated the process of replacing medium and low-grade paper cutters with a cutting production line composed of program-controlled paper cutters and auxiliary machines. From the perspective of the development trend of the enterprise, it has shifted from management based on human experience to procedural and data-based management; shifted from extensive production mode to economical production mode; shifted from blocked operation to global exchange and sharing of resources, and shifted from pure pursuit of economic benefits. Must bear social responsibilities such as safety and environmental protection.

At present, the overall level of my country's printing machinery is still lagging behind the international advanced level. With the improvement of the country's economic strength and the rapid development of science and technology, the results of scientific and technological innovation in the printing industry are notable. This gap is gradually narrowing. There are more than 30 domestic paper cutter companies, and there are only a few powerful companies. In order to adapt to the rapid development of paper cutters at home and abroad, we should unite to expand our strength and take the road of high, new and fast development of paper cutters.